Thanks to you all.


I went to school and performed my monologue flawlessly; it was a great feeling to be appreciated by all the teachers. And especially the ‘You’ll-repent-someday’ one. She asked me from where I had got the topic and I said ‘I just thought about it!!’ Sorry I took the credit. The teacher who was leaving also said that she felt overwhelmed that I had spoken something like that about her. I was speechless. Oh! And I completely forgot to tell you’ll what I spoke about- Patience. One of you only had suggested it. Thanks a ton.

So that’s what happened at school today. And, by the way school ends in another 2 days so… I’ll be free. Yippee! I can blog more and go on more trips and outings which I can tell you about.

So that’s it from me today. Goodbye!

Today is the day I’ll begin.

I’ve thought about blogging my whole life long. Because I feel that expressing yourself to the world, and they listening to you even without they knowing who you are is just something amazing. It’s my first time so I’m not that good at it. But till I stop blogging I will keep you entertained. So to start off I would like to share with you something I did or was made to do.

I was at school when my teachers told me that I was suppose to perform a monologue for a teacher’s send-off. That was the next day or should I say tomorrow. All I could do at that moment was shake my head and agree, because she is one of those ‘You’ll-repent-someday’ kinda teachers. And I have a good reputation at school (sincerely) that I would like to keep. And so, I returned home. But before thinking about it I sat down to tell all of you this. Maybe You could give me some ideas what to talk about!

So that’s it from me today. See you tomorrow, so I can let you know what I spoke about and how it went. Goodbye!